cctv jakarta have been designing and installing cctv integrated systems to fire detection and security solutions for business for over sixteen years .

cctv jakarta fire detection systems

We provide integrated cctv system, fire detection , cctv jakarta consulting from large corporates to industries.

Our professional technician built reputation on :

-innovative and cost effective designs

-efficient installation

-quick servicing and maintenance.

cctv jakarta including alarm fire detection systems, access control, visitor monitoring, all integrated into online integrated cctv jakarta security system .

Services and products are all guarantee for 1 year with quick service and maintenance.

ccyv jakarta fibre optic IP camera airport by cctv jakarta

cctv jakarta FIBRE OPTIC CAMERA with media converters can be used in a point-to-point configuration, or a network switch with integrated system and Fire Alarm Security specialist company.

a camera cctv monitoring based Company which specialises in the design, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Alarms, Our cctv jakarta systems, Intruder Alarms and Access Control to meet every customers requirements. With the head office based in Jakarta our engineering staff can cover the whole country.

cctv jakarta engineers are fully qualified and continue to update their skills and knowledge within the industry, our cctv jakarta are specialist installers of both traditional CCTV and the latest IP digital CCTV camera surveillance systems. the cameras are designed to meet the needs of any operating environment. cctv jakarta provide internal or external cameras with day and/or night vision.

DVR images being recorded onto a video cassette recorder. Using latest digital technology, cctv jakarta systems record real-time images directly onto digital servers ensuring the picture quality is maintained at the highest possible levels.

hibryd Multiple IP camera cctv jakarta can be recorded in real-time with automatic motion detection alerts can be generated and routed via the internet to alert a central monitoring station or delegated security officer.

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